Friday, April 15, 2005

so j...what's up with the CD?!!!...

(i'm so glad you asked!)
here's the breakdown:

1. "dis is...dis is da introduction"
2. "uh-huh" (w/dj dirty ice)
3. "ohm"(music), w/"poem for cyrus"(poem)
&"maybe she thought"
4. "theme 7"(live)
5. "presence"(music), w/"a letter to God while thinking about my hair"(poem)
6. "does yr mama know"
7. "into yr hands"
8. j.scales...thank you (spoken over theme 7b)
--the letter
--the order

all lyrics and music are original, and conceived/performed/produced/played/sung/spoken by j.scales, unless otherwise stated...
copyright & publishing, 2005, by j.scales
except track #7, 1994

(snippet from track#8:)
as an artist, (like many other artists i know), i tend to be a perfectionist...but i realize, over & over again...each time a friend, or a friend of a friend, or someone in our tiny global village goes on to a "better place", that tomorrow is not promised. my mom has always said,"give me my flowers while live"...yes...& this is my flower to gift to give back as a present--IN the present...the here&now...
i hate to sound cliche', but no one knows the day, nor the hour...ya know? anyway, enough it is...
in its