Friday, April 15, 2005

so j...what's up with the CD?!!!...

(i'm so glad you asked!)
here's the breakdown:

1. "dis is...dis is da introduction"
2. "uh-huh" (w/dj dirty ice)
3. "ohm"(music), w/"poem for cyrus"(poem)
&"maybe she thought"
4. "theme 7"(live)
5. "presence"(music), w/"a letter to God while thinking about my hair"(poem)
6. "does yr mama know"
7. "into yr hands"
8. j.scales...thank you (spoken over theme 7b)
--the letter
--the order

all lyrics and music are original, and conceived/performed/produced/played/sung/spoken by j.scales, unless otherwise stated...
copyright & publishing, 2005, by j.scales
except track #7, 1994

(snippet from track#8:)
as an artist, (like many other artists i know), i tend to be a perfectionist...but i realize, over & over again...each time a friend, or a friend of a friend, or someone in our tiny global village goes on to a "better place", that tomorrow is not promised. my mom has always said,"give me my flowers while live"...yes...& this is my flower to gift to give back as a present--IN the present...the here&now...
i hate to sound cliche', but no one knows the day, nor the hour...ya know? anyway, enough it is...
in its



Friday, April 08, 2005

stay tuned!

hey!...the "front porch"@mocha lounge was quite groovy!...thanks goes to those who came out, despite the soggy weather...proving that, no..."brown doesn't melt in the rain!" (tim 'm)...

another thank you to sparlha swa (her voice makes me MELT!)...and also those of you who grabbed a 1st edition copy of my cd/ep, "ohm"...give thanks...

more details about that later...

gotta go deliver some gear for roberta flack, in b-more...

stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

j.scales performs at the mocha lounge...thursday, april 7th

april 7th! (wanda alston's birthday...special tribute will be shared by j.scales)

at "the front porch"
hosted by poet/hiphophouse artist, tim 'm
at mocha lounge:

944 Florida Ave. NW
(near 9th & Sherman...'bout a block from the 9:30 club)

also featuring:
Sparlha Swa, singer/songwriter
Alan King, poet

check out for more info...